Greetings from YOUR Coworking Coach

Raines Cohen, Coworking Coach

(photo: Chris Heuer, at EqualityCamp)

"the hardest working man in the coworking business" - Dave Troy, BeeHive Baltimore

Hi, I'm Raines, and I'm here to help.

I'm part of some coworking projects in the SF Bay Area, and I've visited many others, advising several.

I've been working for a quarter century on helping people connect to create community, through User Groups, online communities, and residential intentional communities like cohousing neighborhoods.

Whether you're thinking about starting a space or need help setting up the systems or want ways to prevent and avoid conflicts, advice on marketing or member selection, we have experience that can make your space more fun, more effective, happen sooner, with less work.

Get in touch for more, and watch this site for collected coworking advice and trivia.

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